Stats:  The last 7 days   New on Market homes 805:  Sold homes 535: Under Contract homes 952:

Homes Under 200k in the Greater Austin Area are highly sought.  Simply too many buyers and not enough quality inventory.   The further above 200k  you go the more opportunity for a great home exists.  

So far this year median home prices in the Austin area are up just over 9%.  Sales are strong as well.   The concerns for affordability continue to grow with out much real interest from the area local governments in really fixing the issues.    So for the forecast is continued strong prices.  New construction is going full steam at this point.  

Are there deals to be had?  Absolutely,  patience is your friend.  I found a couple of new construction specs that have not sold over the weekend.  There is over $30,000 savings on one and even larger savings on the other one.  Both are under $400k.   And then there are opportunities in the existing market.   I found an existing home with an inoperable pool.  A little creativity on the use of the empty pool could be a great find for someone since the rest the home is great!!  Garden anyone?   

Interest rates today national average is 4.15% still a great time to buy.  

Happy Monday,  Seize the opportunities this week...!!!!