I recently helped some folks sell their home.  They had only been in the home just over a year.  I did not help them find the home.  I asked them why the change so quickly.  I thought they would say they are being transferred or something.  But the answer was more surprising.  They said their previous agent told them if they did not buy this home,  nothing else would be available.  So they need to buy the home before they lost this one.  Once they  moved in.  They simply did not like the home.  So they were selling it. 

Certainly it can seem tough to find the right home.  There are often multiple offers on the homes in this market.  Yes it can be tough and there are some strategies that can help.

1.  Be in a hurry to see a newly listed home on the market.  Where there are many looking for a few homes you have to be diligent in taking a look at he homes that do show up. 

2.  Be reasonably quick to make an offer if you like the home... The balance is to offer enough but don't over pay.  Certainly when the appraisal is completed the price can usually be negotiated if the appraisal is lower than the offer price. 

3.  Spend no time grieving lost offers.  It is easy to think "there will never be another home like this one" .   When a client does not get the "right home" on the competitive multiple offers they tend to grieve the loss.  Don't waste time grieving. The next more perfect may be on the market tomorrow. I recently had some folks that grieved and she said I will never find a home I love as much as the one that was lost.  I assured her  about 800 homes come on the market in a week. That she would find the right home.  When she found her home, she reminded me I was right.  "It was actually better than the last one".

Finding the right home can take some time.  Trudging through the multiple offers can be daunting.  With persistence, the right home will happen. 

At the Stanley team we have the patience and desire to help you find the right home.  No rushing, nor pushing it has to be the right home for your budget...give us a call.  There is really a difference..