Moving has lots of moving parts.  Moving is one of the top 5 stressors.  It requires not only packing but also evaluating most of your stuff.  It involves making decisions about what to keep or what to move and even harder what to throw away.   If you are moving cross country you have to evaluate the cost efficiency of moving larger items compared to their real value.  I recall we once moved a piano 900 miles only to sell it because we never really played it and it did not fit in our new house.  Most movers move by weight, so simply put, I lost money on that deal.  If you are having problems with this, I have found a wonderful source.  Downsize My Home is a company that can work you through your stuff anywhere in the USA.   Most folks don't even know this service is available.  And they usually save you most if not all of their fees with what they save you in moving and stress medication you will not need.  Catch them on the web or Call Kim at 512-296-3598.

As you are working on the what to do with my stuff.  You are very likely trying to sell your existing home.  This is where picking a great agent is essential.  Some agents are prone to drama, some will try to use the need to sell to get you to under price your home.   And many agents are really professional.  We offer calm, direct advice and services,  we negotiate in ways to reduce stress. And we work through the deal in a calm manner.  Certainly it will not be stress free, it will be as calm as possible.   Look for the confident agent, look for the one who will walk with you through this season.  What do you look for? 

1.  Communication who will communicate with you reasonably and quickly.

2. Openness do they really have your best interest in mind or is it the next sale.

3. Professional, do they do strong comps, set a reasonable price? Do they help you not over price your home?  In other words do they protect you even from your own misjudgment?

4.  Help,  does the agent have back up incase they are busy, do they have an assistant to help process paperwork and follow the deal to closing. 

5.  Are they knowledgable enough to effectively negotiate your deal all the way through. To fully understand the inspection reports and have an idea of what they are negotiating.  There is a wide range of agent skills in this area.

6. Do they love you?  

Finally Work ahead.  DO not wait till the last minute.  If you are thinking about moving, talk to an agent as soon as possible.  Ideally, well before the move.  IF you call an agent and they say when you get closer to moving call me.  Simply mark them off your list.  The longer you have to prepare usually the more money we can get you for your home.  You do not have to be ready to do something to start a consultation.   It is my preference to work well in advance.  I just finished a deal with folks who were moving and we started our initial consultation about 11 months ago.  They weren't even sure where they were moving.  By doing this we had their home totally ready to sell well before the rush of activities associated with moving hit.  Their home sold fast and yes for slightly above ask.  If you would like to set a moving consultation give me a call at 512-269-8023. 

Finally a good  agent will have resources.  We should be able to help you find a great mover, and if necessary repair folks, and even a great agent on the other end.  Yes we can wrap around you  making the move easier.  

Time for a move... Let's do it in the most efficient, least stressful way possible.

The Stanley Team, Smart Real Estate, Nice People