As you are working on the financing of your new home, you can also be working on the "what" of your new home.  

First make a list of what you think you need in a new home.  If you are purchasing the home with another person each of you should make your lists separately.   Then compare.  You will find some things are easy. And some others may take more negotiation.  But wait!!!!!

Then meet with your agent and begin looking at a few homes in your price range.  This will help you determine what you can realistically get in your home at your price.  This alone will often eliminate or add amenities.  Keep in mind it common to have some conflict early in the looking process.  Blending two folks needs into one budget and one home can will require some negotiating and compromise.  

Be sure to take into account:  Future growth, in your family or life.  The lay out of the home, what bothers you slightly now may become a bigger issue after you "put up with it" for a while.  Distance to work,  shopping, church or friends should also be considered.  IF you aren't sure about the distance actually go to the neighborhood and drive from there to your work or shopping, be sure the commute is what you think it is.   

Once you have a better idea of what you want, meet with your agent have them adjust their searches and begin your search in earnest.  Once you find the home it is time to write an offer.   Which leads you to paperwork....

Go to the neighborhood(s) you are considering.  See them in the evening and the day.  Look at the maintenance of the properties.  Be sure it is the neighborhood that fits you. 

The paperwork in a home purchase is comprised of several documents.  We will delineate the documents next time.  But you will need some monies to write an offer.  Earnest money and opton money... discussions will follow.